Sunday, April 4, 2010

This Was a Good Day

What a great day! Easter, is a day of re-birth, a day of cleansing and a day to celebrate the most awesome blessing and gift we could ever receive. Jennifer and I have made our Easter center around church for our family. This Easter was no different.

The morning started early with chores in the dark. The air had that fresh clean smell of spring and the barnyard just seemed to be alive with new life. We all pitched in and chores were done in record time and we had just enough time left to get ready for sunrise service.

The next few hours were a whirlwind of sunrise service, church breakfast, Sunday School and Easter Sunday service. There is just something about Easter, the message of new life, bright Easter clothing and a total sense of renewal. I am always humbled by the reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made for us, so that we may have Eternal Life. My faith coupled with the new life I see in the spring bring me closer to my God each Easter.

This afternoon was spent enjoying an Easter dinner with my family, my father and my sister and her family. The cousins played ball and hunted for Easter eggs while the adults watched. My niece is two and there is just something about the discovery of Easter at that age that is incredibly fun to watch.

The day was topped off by returning home and working with the kids 4-H steers. This long, cold, wet, muddy winter has made it hard to work with the steers and we are behind in training them to lead. The kids were able to halter and lead the steers and hand feed them, a real accomplishment considering where we were prior to this weekend.

Finally, I fed the calves, horses and cows hay. I placed the final bale in the feeder and just took a minute to watch the cows eat while the new calves bounced and played in the fading sunlight. The hills were beginning to green up and the late day light had a golden tinge to it. That is when I realized how lucky and blessed I am to live in the Flinthills and experience God's handiwork each spring. Each year at this time I thank God for allowing me to spend my life working the land and tending my animals. That is a good day.


  1. Taking care of God's creatures and land is back breaking, tiring and overwhelming at times, but the payback such as: a new calf, fresh mown hay, the smell of dirt in the spring, new shoots of corn in straight rows, a rooster crowing is well worth it. Nothing like taking care of His "stuff".

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