Monday, October 18, 2010

The Miracle of Agriculture

What is a miracle? That was the topic of my Sunday school class yesterday. The definition we all came up with was an unexplained happening created by God. We discussed various miracles and decided that miracles are very personal things. What is a miracle to you might not be seen as such by someone else. As the discussion progressed my thoughts went to agriculture.

Modern agriculture is the biggest miracle I know of. It is overwhelming to think that I produce enough for myself and over 150 other souls. That is a number that has grow exponentially over the past years. From genetically modified crops, to modern fertilzers and chemicals to modern vetrinary medicines, have all allowed me to produce more food for a growing world population. All of advances in modern technology can only be described as a miracle or a gift from God.

Increasingly I have heard the anti-agriculture groups and those who take shots at modern agriculture say that we are playing God by developing and utilizing modern technology. I have a little different take on that thought. I truly believe that God is the one giving us the ability to unlock the secrets of his creation to help us produce more food with our limited agricultural lands.

Think about it. At the root of every scientific advance is the unexplained miracle of life that God gives us. We can do unbelievable things when in comes to genetically modifying plants to increase their production of food, but we cannot create life in its most basic form. God is the one who allows us to make the modifications.

Then there is the issue of the wonderful medicines we have available to us to treat our livestock. Misinformed individuals would have you believe they are a risk to our health. That is just not true. The truth is that through the advances in modern veterinary medicine, God has allowed us the miracle of producing animals that grow faster with less stress, are healthier and ultimately produce safer more wholesome food because of the medicines He has given us.

All of this does not even get into the most basic of miracles such as the timing of the temperature changes, rainfall and sunlight. Miracles like plants being able to produce their own food with sunlight and nutrients. Everything in agriculture is a miracle.

Speaking personally that is why I farm and ranch. I love being on the front row of a daily miracle. God has chosen me to help produce enough food for the ever growing population of the world. He has allowed me to produce more food, with fewer inputs and provide it at a reasonable price. That allows me to provide you with the miracle of a safe, wholesome, nutritious and most importantly abundant food supply.


  1. I agree. Participating in miracles so frequently... agriculture just keeps raising the bar!