Thursday, November 11, 2010

Humbled by Veteran's Sacrifice

Today is Veteran's Day, an official national holiday. On the surface it meant no mail, the banks were closed and I had the day off of work. However the day is much more than just a day off. I must admit when it comes to Veteran's Day I have a twinge of guilt and a feeling inadequacy. I start to think of all that Veterans have done for me and the freedoms that I enjoy and I am very humbled.

Each time I think of our service men and women putting themselves in harms way I realize they are far braver than I am. They sacrifice themselves for the freedoms that we all enjoy. Each time I write or say anything, many brave soldiers laid their lives on the line (or gave the ultimate sacrifice) for my right to do so. When I worship in the church of my choice without fear of being persecuted, I have those very heroes to thank.

Each spring when I watch a new calf or plant crops, I realize that because of the bravery of the soldiers in our military. I can work in the vocation of my choosing. I live in the greatest nation, the very nation that drives the economy of the world, the nation that feeds the world and the most advanced in the world. I live here in security and comfort because our Veterans sacrificed their lives and well-being on my behalf.

On this day I marvel at the bravery of those who willingly put themselves into battle. I wonder if I could do this and I am thankful that because of their courage I never had to make that decision. I cannot express my gratitude for what they have done for me and for those serving now are doing to protect our very way of life.

Words can never express, gratitude can never repay and anything I write is very inadequate for what our Veterans and Active Military have done for all of us. Anything I do is because of what they did and all I do, pales in comparison to their service to our great nation. All I can do is simply say Thank You and let them know that I am forever grateful for what they have given me.

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