Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Truth About Meat

Yesterday HSUS came out with another one of their "undercover" video creations. This is a trap that they use to lure in many naive and unsuspecting people who know nothing about agriculture or modern farming practices. While they claim to be interested in the welfare of the animals, really they are just interested in the welfare of their own bank accounts.

Does it sound like I am mad? Yes, you better believe I am mad, fighting mad. What they fail to tell you is that the video they show is shot over many months (for several seconds), taken out of context and edited for peak dramatic effect. By no means, does it represent the truth about modern agriculture or the hard-working families who operate the farms producing the food.

If you want a glimpse into the truth about how pork is produced whatch this You-Tube video produced by my friend and family hog farmer Chris Chinn.

Yes, hogs grown in modern hog farms live in climate controlled barns (for all of us in winter's clutches, wouldn't a constant warm temperature be nice), they have all the advances in modern veterinary medicine to insure their health and they are fed a balanced diet formulated by PhD level nutritionists. To top that off, each hog farmer and employee must be certified in Pork Quality Assurance.

This certification insures that each person coming in contact with the hogs understands the right way to treat them. They understand how to administer medicine in a way that protects both the health of the pig and those who will later eat the meat it produces. They also understand how to handle medicines to insure that there is no cross-contamination to other swine. They understand how to move pigs in a low-stress manner and how to euthanize them ethically. Then a certification of the farm and the facilities is conducted to further guarantee compliance with industry standards that have been developed through university research. I know this because I am a certified PQA instructor.

That is why I get so upset when I see HSUS or another one of the anti-animal agriculture groups take shots at farming and ranching. These people are highly paid, political activists who don't care about you or the animals. The only thing they care about is the money they make. Take time to learn the truth, meet the men and women who work on the farms, dedicated to the production of food and the caring of animals. Then and only then will you know the complete truth about where your food comes from.


  1. "euthanize them ethically"... Ummm - Would that be "ethically" thumping them? "ethically" hanging them? Or "ethically" gassing them? Or "ethically" shooting them in the brain or the "pithing" part?

  2. Sharing this on my FB. Love the video - they did an excellent job. What is so hard about understanding that some animals are food to humans. Also, why in the world would we as farmers not take care of our animals. Thanks for being mad enough to post this excellent article.

  3. For animal farmers and people who eat meat there is a disconnect in the mind when it comes to animals' rights. They aren't perceived as having any. This is based on the fact that they aren't as smart as us. High IQ equals the right to live. All animals resist dying and being killed. No human needs meat to live or eat well unless they are native to places that can't sustain agriculture. There's no argument that farmers who treat their animals better are better than those who don't. But it all ends in the killing of a creature who couldn't fight back.