Sunday, January 16, 2011


It seems that for everything there is a profession
It is no different for those who sell livestock and grain
The brave souls that specialize in commodities
Whose income depends on what happens on the plains.

For their life’s work is an unsteady balancing act
Understanding the crazy, unpredictable world of agriculture
With its mixed up weather and uncertain demand
Its very much similar to many forms of water torture.

Drought in good ol’ Russia creates a crisis in wheat
Then too much rain in Iowa drops the price of beans
Cheap corn causes the price of cattle to begin to rise
While cheap bacon crashes hogs down into the teens.

There’s a world wide effect to this manic profession
The market drops every time China catches cold and sneezes
Maybe the European Union imposes some silly rule
And South Korea embargoes whenever they dang well pleases.

Everything has an effect on the market it seems
From Global warming errr. I mean climate change
To the price of fuel and all kinds of fertilizer
And people wanting meat that’s called free range.

But the one silver lining for each of them I suppose
The money wagered on nature and politics is not their own
Farmers and investors alike, entrust them with their cash
Like mana from heaven, it is a real life no-interest loan.

Many customers wonder, and some right out loud
If, maybe, they shouldn’t just invest in professional poker.
But names tell it all, its right there in their job title.
And that, my friends, is why each is called a broker.

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