Tuesday, January 17, 2012

RIP Cisco

Jennifer and I got Cisco almost 16 years ago when we left Harper County. Cisco was a gift to Jennifer from one of the neighbors of the ranch she worked on. She was a blue heeler, border collie cross, but in the coming years she became much, much more. We called her our practice kid, joking that if we could raise a puppy, we could probably raise kids.

At first she was just content to ride on the console between us in the pickup. Everywhere Jennifer went, Cisco was sure to be along. The two of them along with Ace, the horse, could move any herd of cattle we had. Cisco was one of those dogs who just knew what you wanted her to do, and all she wanted to do was to make you happy. There was no doubt she was Jennifer's dog and Jennifer was her person.

Then came the kids. We kind of wondered what she would do when the kids came along. I am not sure why we worried. We often said Cisco viewed our kids as her pups. She watched over them and tolerated every yank on her ear and the constant pestering. All the while, she continued to be the top cow dog on the ranch.

Over the years the miles started to show their wear and tear. She was just a bit slower, she needed a longer run to assume her rightful place on the back of the pickup. During this time we introduced Killer, the cow dog. She accepted the challenge of training the new cow dog like all the other challenges we gave her. She tolerated Killer, nipped at him when he needed it and led by example.

Over the last couple of years the arthritis took it's toll, her eyes got cloudy and her hearing slipped away. We worried about the extreme Kansas weather and let her in the house. She adapted to indoor life like a champ, assuming her rightful place in front of the woodstove in the winter and the air conditioning vent in the summer.

We knew our time with Cisco was limited and dreaded the day when she would no longer be with us. In typical Cisco fashion, she took care of that too. She had never wandered out of eyesight of the house, but one day last week she slipped away after morning chores never to be seen again.

I have heard that dogs know when it is time and often just disappear. I know in my heart that she slipped off to one of the hills overlooking the ranch and passed away on the ranch she loved. Cisco was truly a "once in a lifetime" dog and I hope that each of you will someday be lucky enough to own a dog like her. I am sure we will have other dogs, but they will never quit live up to our Cisco dog.

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  1. A magnificently simple and beautifully told story that says as much as can be told about a relationship that is most precious. These lovely animals never leave our hearts without ever having spoken a word to us.