Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Enjoying the Fall

The weather this past week has definitely signaled a change in the seasons and I am excited. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. It is right up there with winter, spring and summer; I guess it is a good thing I live in Kansas. I truly like each of the seasons and especially the time of the year when they transition to the next season. Usually at that point I have had enough of the current season and am ready for a change. Right now, I am looking forward to the cooler fall weather and all it brings (hopefully a little more moisture).
Most of the members of my household will tell you that fall started in mid August with school. I guess in my books fall started a couple of weeks ago with corn harvest. The weathermen tell us it starts on another day and many people call Labor Day the “unofficial” start of fall. Finally, the calendar told us fall started last Saturday, so who really knows when fall begins officially or unofficially. All I know is that it is fall now.
How do I know? Well, last week I broke out the sweatshirt, and that made it fall. There are very few things in life that I enjoy better than a good, crisp, clear fall morning. There is nothing better than to walk out the door to a refreshing chill and the smell of fall in the air. There is just something about those mornings that leave you with the sense of anticipation.  Anticipation of what I am not sure, maybe it is harvest, football, or bringing the cows home from summer pasture.
Corn harvest is finished and in the books for another year and we are anxiously watching the soybeans turn from dark green to yellow and soon to brown. One of my fall favorites is driving a truckload of beans to town. The kind of day with just enough chill to let you know it is fall, but warms enough to have the window down. The wind is hitting your face and the sun is warming your arm, it just doesn’t get better than that. Unless of course, it is a Saturday and Kansas State football is coming across on the truck radio.
I am also looking forward to bringing the cows and calves home for the winter. This spring I was relieved and they were even more relieved to go out on the green pastures, this fall I am relieved to see them come back to the corn and soybean stubble. Cows don’t need a calendar to tell them it is time for a change and they don’t mind telling us. I also find something deeply satisfying about weaning calves; maybe it is finally seeing the culmination of all that hard work during calving season.
Finally, what would fall be without high school football? Maybe it isn’t as big of a deal in bigger school districts, I don’t know, I have only experienced small rural districts where it is the biggest deal. Last Friday night I was watching Rock Creek play St. Marys and it couldn’t have been any better. In the distance you could see a farmer picking corn, the air was chilly, and you could hear cheers, the band and smell the popcorn. Life just does not get any better than small town football.
That was when I realized, fall was just the pick-me-up that I needed. It was pretty easy to get down; after all we are constantly bombarded with bad news about the economy, the state of affairs in the world and other negative things like the price of oil. This summer and its oppressive heat and drought made it even easier to feel like the weight of the world was on your back. We just needed a change and thankfully the fall was just the ticket.
The changing of seasons reminded me of how lucky I am. Each day I get to walk out my door, into the best part of greatest country in the world. I go to work in the occupation I chose, one that allows me to do what I am passionate about and make a difference in everyone’s life. When I am not working, I am blessed to spend time watching my kids and spend time with my friends and neighbors. I can truly say it doesn’t get any better than this.
This week, let’s all take time to appreciate the world around us, stop and enjoy this change in seasons. We all get too busy living our lives and never take a moment to absorb just how good we all have it. For a second this next week, stop what you are doing, listen to the wind rustle through the leaves, feel the sun on your back and smell the crisp, clean fall air. After all this feeling only comes around once a year.

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