Monday, April 29, 2013

Just Say No to Snow in May!

Isaac had his first baseball game a couple of weeks ago. I knew it would be a little chilly so I wore my heavier windbreaker. That was a bad idea. As the evening drug on, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped. Soon I was shivering and several of us parents were discussing breaking up some of the bleachers and starting a bon fire to provide some warmth. However, we all decided one of the best things about spring sports is that the weather does get better later in the season.
A week ago Tatum had a track meet. The temperature was in the forties, learning from my experience I broke out one of my winter coats and brought a pair of gloves. I felt a little silly, after all it was well into April and the calendar said it was officially spring. It wasn’t very long before someone pointed out the flakes of snow in the air. Discussion centered on the fact that normally we would be more worried about sunburn than hypothermia, but surely the track meet next week would be better.
Then this week I watched the weather forecast as I prepared to go out the door to Tatum’s next track meet. Temperatures in the forties with a stiff North wind and wind chill in the low thirties. I dug out my heavy winter coat, a pair of heavy gloves and a stocking cap. It wasn’t enough. Several of us parents discussed the new ice age as we huddled behind the South wall of the concessions stand. It seemed more like football season than track, since each week the weather got progressively colder.
Being cold during my kid’s sporting events is only annoying. A few minutes in the car and a tall cup of coffee remedy the problem quickly. I suspect that my writing about it in this week’s column will most likely solve the problem. By the time you read this temperature will probably be in the eighties and we will be searching for short sleeved shirts. I look forward to that change, we need it.
I will continue to go to the kids games, no matter the temperature, but we really need it to warm up. Ground temperature is nowhere near warm enough to plant corn and the grass is not growing. At least the cold weather has brought us a little moisture. I cling to the hope that maybe the colder than normal temperatures and increased rainfall mean we have broken free of the drought and heat of last year.
I know at some point this cool, wet weather will change and soon I will be complaining about the heat and praying for rain. Please also note that I am not, I repeat not, complaining about the rain. It will taken inches of rain and a lot of mud before I grow weary of precipitation. I am, however, tired of being cold. I know the beauty of Kansas is that if I wait a day it will all change. Well, I am waiting.
Isaac has a baseball game Thursday and I notice that the weatherman is calling for cold temperatures and even a chance of snow. Snow at a baseball game  that will be a new experience. I have already broken out my heaviest coat, heaviest gloves and stocking cap. Where do I go from there?
I guess I will follow the lead of some of my fellow parents and start wearing my bibs. It is a drastic measure and one that I had hoped I wouldn’t have to take. I have not yet washed my bibs and the evidence of calving season is still quite prevalent. I am also just as sure that they really don’t smell all that good, kind of a cross between wet sheep, cow manure and after-birth. Wearing them in public is something I am not real excited about but desperate times call for desperate measures.
So if you happen to be at one of my kid’s sporting events in the next couple of weeks and it does not warm up, I should be pretty easy to spot, and I might be even easier to smell .In any case, I will be the parent standing all by myself downwind of the crowd. Let’s just hope for warmer weather because the alternative is not anything any of us want.

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