Monday, October 12, 2009

Weather is the Drizzles

This morning we woke up to sprinkles and drizzles, it was gray and cold, terrible weather for harvest. That meant we were not going to get in the field today, harvest and work was shut down. Most people get really excited about a day off, in agriculture we get really nervous. Our paycheck is out in that field and we need to be able to get to it.

As a crop matures it becomes more susceptible to weather. Soybeans pods start to pop open and the beans fall out, corn and grain sorghum start to fall over. In any case it means more grain we cannot harvest, more grain on the ground and fewer dollars in our paycheck.

The next couple of days have rain in the forecast and it will take at least two good days of drying after the last rain before we can get in the field. Not only does the ground have to be dry but the grain has to be dry enough it can be stored in bins.

That is why agriculture can be so rewarding and so frustrating all at the same time. I cannot think of another occupation I would rather be in, feeding this great nation and being my own boss. At the same time we cannot control the conditions we working and many times nature has the upper hand. The same rain that made our crop this spring and summer now threaten to take it away. So watch the weather and cross your fingers and hope for dry weather for all of the farmers trying to bring the food to your plate.

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