Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanks Vets

Veteran's Day has special meaning to me. My Great Grandpa served in the army during World War 1, Grandpa served in the Navy in World War 2 and Dad served in the Air Force in Vietnam. All were greater men than I am and all made more sacrifices for our country, I am humbled by their service.

The United States is the greatest nation of all time this is entirely due to the great men and women who served us in the armed forces. While I believe the foundation of our nation is our farms and ranches, this foundation is built upon the sweat and ultimately the blood of those who sacrificed to provide us our rights and freedoms.

I am able to pursue farming and ranching because of the veterans who fought for this freedom and I am able to keep farming because of our brave soldiers who continue to protect these freedoms. When I think of the harm they face on my behalf I feel very humbled and unworthy.

Thank you does not seem at all adequate but it is all that I have. So I would like to thank all the veterans who served and sacrificed to protect our nation and our freedoms and I would like to thank all those currently serving for keeping us from harm. May God Bless you and keep you safe.

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