Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lambs, Calves and Anti-biotics

The next couple of months are "crunch" time on our ranch. Over that period we will be lambing and calving. This period of time is one of my favorite, I love working with the animals and seeing the newborn lambs and calves. However, this is also one of the most stressful, physically draining periods for all of us on the ranch and it would be even more stressful without the advances in modern veterinary medicine.

I have stated many times that I do not have my own doctor programmed into my cell phone but I do have the numbers of two veterinarians (both their clinics and cell phones). Without the guidance of these two skilled professionals and the modern advances in medicine this time of the year would not be so eagerly anticipated.

Recently I have heard that there is a push to reduce (or even eliminate) the anti-biotics we have to treat our livestock. Misinformation and outright lies have been spread by groups such as HSUS , PETA and various sub-groups about the use of anti-biotics in agriculture and their ties to anti-biotic resistant bugs in humans. Let me just say that, without a doubt, limiting the anti-biotics we have to use on our animals would lead to much more suffering by those very animals.

Each time I have a lamb or a calf with a respiratory ailment I am very thankful to be able to treat it with the most advanced modern anti-biotic available. Let me also assure you that this treatment is done under the advisement of my veterinarian. We use only the prescribed amount and only for the prescribed time. We do not want to over-use our most effective treatments.

So what is my message? The anti-biotics we use on our farms and ranches have been tested and reviewed by a myriad of government regulators. We utilize highly educated, trained veterinarians and only administer them in the dose needed. All withdrawal times are followed. This all means that the meat you get is completely safe and does not contribute, at all, to anti-biotic resistant illness in humans. The men and women in agriculture work hard day and night to insure a safe, abundant, ethically grown food supply and they can be trusted.


  1. Well said. It seems PETA complains that we don't treat our livestock properly. Yet, when we take good care of them which includes treating illness with antibiodics they have a problem with that too. Where do they people come from? How can they stand on their soapboxes and delcare such mixed up and incorrect information? Anyone who is farming or ranching with integrity would be foolish not to put thier livestock first. I just don't get it. Appreciate your view from your side of the fence.

  2. 你怎麼能經過一片海,而忘記它的藍?.........................