Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meet the Real Cowboy (or Cowgirl)

Did you ever wonder why society prizes some occupations over others. Why do we seem to put sports stars or movie actors over the other jobs. For instance, why do we collect cards with baseball players pictures? Well, that is a question John Standard posed to me this week.

John is a county agent friend of mine. In a past life John was a ranch manager/ cowboy type and therefore he has a deep love and passion for those who raise our beef. So when John suggests something it comes from the heart.

His idea was to put real life ranchers at different sporting events or other public places. Real cowboys, cowgirls and kids signing pictures and meeting the public just like the "famous" people we currently collect pictures, cards and autographs from.

Imagine, your favorite cowboy or cowgirl type signing glossy 8x10 pictures and talking to lines of adoring beef eating fans. OK, I so I know that is dreaming, but the idea behind it is really good. We need to go meet our customers instead of waiting for them to come to us.

Recently ranchers have been the target of anti-animal agriculture groups who would eliminate our way of life and the beef you eat. I think most of the head-way these groups have made were because of a lack of communication. So John's idea of going to the consumer so they would have a face to put with the beef they buy might actually work.

I would like to know what you think of this idea. Please comment and tell me what you think of putting real life ranchers out for the public to meet.


  1. Glenn -

    I like this idea of your's and John's. Why not put a picture of a rancher (and/or farmer) on a
    "baseball-type" card and include his or her "battting average" statistics (ie: like "how
    many people does this producer feed"; "what does this person do to keep your percentage of income spent for food the lowest in the world", etc.) These could be handed out in grocery stores, given out a trade shows, or even handed out at at concerts or sporting events. Hopefully, this might lead to something the Beef
    Council, Farm Bureau, and many other ag organizations could get behind. You both have a
    GREAT idea!

    Mark Ploger (another fellow ag agent)

  2. Speaking of putting cowboy pictures on cards - I think the real reason "anti animal agriculture" folks are making headway is that people are starting to see the FACE ON THEIR PLATES. These are sentient beings, no different than your dog, my cat, etc. All wish to live. All feel pain. Killing these innocent victims is just becoming unacceptable to the civilized culture we claim to be. It's totally unnecessary... We can thrive on a compassionate and healthy vegan diet.

  3. Bea,

    I think the reason that pro ag folks are winning is that b/c of folks like Glenn, people are beginning to see the faces that put the food on their plates. No longer can the anti-ag folks name a faceless corporation and use buzz words like factory farms.

    Also, let us be careful to compare humans and animals. For example, cattle are creatures of instinct. They know no compassion. I've often seen cows accept one twin and abandon another. When I drive my feedwagon through the gate, I keep on driving and don't bother to shut it behind me. The cattle would rather be fed than have freedom. Bulls don't stick around and father their offspring. I pray that we don't become like animals, but the more I think about it, we are getting closer.