Friday, February 5, 2010

E-mail to the Zac Brown Band

Zac, John, Jimmy, Coy, Chris and Clay:

I am one of your biggest fans, your cd "The Foundation" is nearly worn-out from constantly being played. Your music is refreshing and relaxes me, even on hardest of days. I am a rancher in the Flint Hills of Kansas and I am sending you my support to resist PETA's request that you go meatless.

I recently read a blog on CMT that reportedly contained the letter they sent you, and I can tell you without a doubt the letter is dead wrong. I would like to invite you to come spend some time with me and some of my fellow farmers and ranchers. You will find a group of men and women completely devoted to their animals, family, and land.

Farmers and ranchers spend their whole lives making sure their animals are treated ethically and the land they live on is well cared for. Often they put the needs and care of the animals ahead of themselves. Many of the farms and ranches have been in those families for several generations. They are truly the type of people you sing about in "Chicken Fried".

Agriculture is increasingly under attack by groups like PETA who tell a distorted story about what we do. Please come out to my ranch and see what we do and ask questions.I don't know if any of you have ties to farming and ranching, I suspect any band that has songs like "Chicken Fried and Sic-um On a Chicken" does. So I may be preaching to the choir but I am asking for your support.


  1. Zac Brown Band - you gotta go! You will come away with all kinds of inspiration for more music. Come see the real deal and what farming/ranching is all about.

  2. Good for you to send in a letter like this. I think it is a huge problem that most people making decisions about what they should and shouldn't eat have never stepped foot on a farm or talked with a farmer.