Monday, February 22, 2010

The Real Animal Caretakers

This morning was one of those mornings. It was cold,it was a Monday and I didn't feel good. After just a short period I had ice in my mustache and my feet were cold. On mornings like this it takes twice as long to do chores. Trucks and tractors don't want to start, gates are frozen shut and ice must be chopped to provide the animals a place to drink.

Its mornings like this when I wonder where those so called "animal activists" are. My guess is that they are still in bed, deep under the covers with no thoughts to the animals they supposedly care for. Groups like HSUS and PETA raise millions of dollars claiming to have the best interest of animals in mind. Meanwhile, most of the staff of these organizations draw huge salaries while never really caring for any animals.

Let me tell you about the real animal caretakers. I had a cold and while I would have liked to be under the covers resting that was not an option. No matter how I felt, I had animals that needed my care. My livestock needed the feed and fresh water even more on bitter cold days like this. New lambs and calves need my attention no matter how I feel and I promise you I am not getting rich.

My point is that the aforementioned organizations say that they care for animals but they are not the ones caring for animals. They are not feeding, watering and caring for animals in any weather with no thought of their own comfort. The true animal caretakers are the men and women of our farms and ranches who prove their dedication to their livestock on a daily basis.


  1. oh yeah. . . now that's what I'm talking about!
    Great job again!

  2. Yes! More doing and less talking!