Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Truth About Anti-biotics and Livestock

I believe very much in the use of anti-biotics in livestock and I also believe very much that the use of antibiotics is safe. I have no problem feeding my family an animal that had been given anti-biotics. Let me tell you why I feel that strongly.

The anti-biotics used in livestock production have been tested and deemed safe by the USDA and the FDA. They go through rigorous testing and do not contribute to anti-biotic resistance in any way, shape or form. Mandatory doses, treatment regimens and withdrawal periods are in place to make their use even safer. But that is not all.

I regularly consult with my veterinarian on the use of those anti-biotics. I understand the symptoms I am treating and use the right medicine in the right dose and observe the withdrawal period. I understand that anti-biotics are absolutely necessary to insure the health of my animals, and I also understand the necessity to protect the health of those eating the food I produce. I also believe the use of those anti-biotics are necessary to ethically produce livestock and here is an example.

Last week I noticed one of my week old lambs was not acting right. On closer inspection, the lamb had I discovered that the lamb had developed pneumonia. Pneumonia, untreated, will kill a lamb in a matter of just a couple of hours. I treated the lamb with an anti-biotic prescribed by my veterinarian and in a couple of hours he was back on the road to good health. We made note of the treatment and the withdrawal time will easily be attained. I would have no problem with my family, my children, consuming meat from this lamb.

I also have no doubt that without this powerful anti-biotic the lamb would have died. I feel it is my duty to my livestock to provide them with the best care possible. I also ask that you, the consumer, trust the professionals charged with the development and use of such medicines. The protection and safety of the consumer is our first priority with the animals health and well-being a close second. That is the truth about the anti-biotics I use on my farm and ranch and ultimately the meat I feed my family.

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