Saturday, March 6, 2010

Calving Season with Dad

Why do farmers farm? Why do ranchers ranch? Well its not for the money, none of us are getting rich, we do not do it for fame or fortune. So why do we chose a profession that pays poorly, is one of the most dangerous and has long hours. There are many reasons but this calving season has magnified one of them for me.

Each day Dad and I catch, tag and vaccinate each calf as they are born. This takes anywhere from one to three or four hours each day and I grow to appreciate this time together more and more each day. I guess appreciation of your parents is something that most of us grow into, something that comes with age, experience and growth.

Like most teens I did not appreciate my parents nearly as much as I should have. Oh we had a pretty good relationship, but I did not give them the credit I should have. I did not appreciate the wisdom they tried to impart on me. Thankfully I had the opportunity to move back to the family farm and spend time with them.

It made me appreciate the ability I have to spend time with family. Growing up, we ate meals as a family, both parents were very active in my life and Grandma and Grandpa were right down the road. Farm families are blessed because they spend that time as a family and that is one of the main reasons Jennifer and I chose to come home to the farm.

Each day Dad and I bump through the pasture looking for new calves and we discuss the farm, family, faith and other issues. That is when I am sure I picked the right profession. I suspect that I am no different than most other children involved in the family farm and I guess that is why so many of us chose to come back to the farm. Most of the farms in this great nation are centered on the family from the smallest to the largest corporation and that is what is at the heart of our agriculture.

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