Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Easy Being Green (At Least Tomorrow)

Tomorrow I am wearing green. No, I know it is not St. Patty's Day. Tomorrow is Supporting Agriculture Day and I am wearing green in honor of agriculture. Who else should wear green? Everyone who eats or wears clothes should wear green. In other words, everywhere we go tomorrow should be a sea of green.

Farmers and ranchers only account for 2% of the population of this great nation. Think about it, 2% feed and clothe the other 98%. That alone is a miracle. However, take in account that the numbers of farms and the acres in farm ground continue to shrink and the miracle grows in magnitude.

Farmers and ranchers utilize the latest in modern technology to increase their production to meet the needs of a growing population. All the while, these same farmers and ranchers maintain the same work ethic and family values that made them the core of our rural communities and our nation.

Tomorrow is the day that we celebrate the safe, abundant food supply that allows this great nation to develop new technology, create new business and continue to be the leader of the world. We are so lucky and blessed to be in this nation with our food security. We live in a society with full grocery store shelves and plenty of clothes to wear.

So tomorrow I will proudly be wearing the green. Oh, I know what Kermit the Frog says about being green, but tomorrow it will be easy. I ask you to also be proud of the safest, most abundant food supply and don the green yourself.

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