Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy National Ag Day

Today is National Agriculture Day and let me tell you how we celebrated the day. Today dawned cold and snowy, it was one of those mornings that you just wanted to stay in bed. That was not an option, even on National Ag Day.

Jennifer and I went out and fought the mud and snow to feed the cattle, sheep and horses this morning. I have to admit that my toes and fingers were really cold but we had a lot of work to do so there was no complaining. Each pen of calves and the lambs got extra feed this morning to give them the energy to fight off the cold, wet day.

We took extra time to walk through the new lambs and calves and make sure they all looked healthy. Finally we hauled hay out to the cattle, a chore that was made much more difficult by the mud underneath the snow. Late in the morning with all the chores done we retired back to the house to celebrate National Ag Day with a hot cup of coffee. Within the hour we will again put our chore clothes on and brave the cold, snow and mud and do it all over again.

The reason I mention all of this is that today is no different than most days for myself and my fellow farmers and ranchers. You see our "office" is in the great outdoors with all kinds of conditions. We don't do this to get rich, but rather we raise the food you eat and the fiber you wear out of a sense of pride for what we do and service to our fellow citizens.

I suspect many of you will finish celebrating National Ag Day the same way I will, with a good meal. Tonight as you eat that meal, celebrate the incredible network of farms and ranches that make up agriculture in the United States. We are blessed in this great nation to have the safest, most abundant supply of healthy, wholesome food in the world, that is something worth celebrating.

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